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LESOTHO is an enclaved, landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa, it is also the highest country in the world in total elevation. The Highlands are formed by the Drakensberg and Maloti mountain ranges, encompassing the whole Eastern part of Lesotho. This region has a rugged, alpine appearance both from the ground and from the air. With its mountain views, rivers, and fertile valleys the area is breathtakingly beautiful yet seldom visited by tourists and therefore is wild and untouched. Communities use horses and dogs to herd their livestock. At this altitude good pastures are so scarce shepherds live a semi - nomadic lifestyle looking for grazing, often sheltering in caves adorned with the paintings of the San. For those wishing to stay overnight in Lesotho we will leave you with a family in the area we visit. Visitors can either take a free return trip back to the lodge after 2 nights OR they can ontinue further into the country. Please note that the return journey cannot be guaranteed as the trip might not go on the required day or the bus could be full, in this instance customers will need to walk back over the border and catch minibuses back to the lodge. There is no telephone connection in the LESOTHO side of the border either.


Join us on a fascinating hike through the North Eastern corner of Lesotho, a high altitude zone that lies behind the Amphitheatre and Golden Gate National Parks. This is our easiest excursion in terms of physical fitness but sensible "all weather" clothing is still essential. The experience is not a synthetic one where a “cultural village” has been built especially for tourists instead we simply explore the area and encounter life as it is. After a day filled with new sights, sounds, and even tastes, the group is driven back over the border to reach the lodge by nightfall, but the images of the day remain.

Depart from Amphitheatre Backpackers at 07h30 (PASSPORTS ESSENTIAL)
Travel through Qwa Qwa and up Monansto Pass
Cross through into Lesotho
Travel a short distance by vehicle deep into the mountains. Carry on by foot.
Hike through the area, exploring sandstone caves wih paintings, picnicking next to rivers, visiting healers, tasting food... the day is different with each tour. Please note that there is no set itinerary as everything depends on what is happening in REALTIME in the valley.
We travel over the border by 16h00 and head back to the lodge.

Transport, Guide’s fees, Border Crossings, Community levies, Lunch, Sotho food and beer and First Aid Kits.

Hike Length = aprox 5km 

You need to bring:
Decent hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing, a hat, sun cream, extra water, a small backpack, personal medication AND MOST IMPORTANTLY YOUR PASSPORT WITH A VALID SOUTH AFRICAN VISA.

2019 RATES
R750 per person 
2020 RATES
R800 per person  
PLEASE NOTE as this trip is very popular we are able to reduce the rate to R750 per person but we do need a minimum of  people to offer this price. If only 3 sign up, you will pay the set R780 per person ... so spread the word! 
PLEASE NOTE: 2 main day trips = R50 discount & 3 main day tripos = R100