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ABSEILING  also called "rappeling" is a controlled descent off a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. When we take people   ROCK CLIMBING  we use this technique to descend back down to ground level. If time/ budget is limited this is a great activity as it gives the novice a sense of what real rock climbing is all about. We offer a 30 meter releasable abseil off Pocolane peak, situated on a subsection of Royal Natal called Pocolane Nature Reserve. We hike through an area filled with wild flowers, indigenous grasses, eland, Caracal, Serval, a large troupe of Baboons and numerous small mammals and birdlife. We end up on the summit of Pocolane with stunning views over the Sterkfontein Dam, the Drakensberg Valley and high berg.


This is an undemanding hike and an easy activity all round.

  1. Depart from Amphitheatre Backpackers at 07h30 or 14h00
  2. Our guides drive you up Oliviershoek Pass, to the base of Pocolane Nature Reserve.
  3. Hike through beautiful scenery and arrive up on the very top of Pocolane's head at about 1968 meters in altitude.
  4. Enjoy abseiling with beautiful views of the high berg.
  5. We head back to the  vehicle and the lodge.
  6. We arrive back at the lodge about 3 hours after departure

Transport, Guide’s Fees,  Entry fees, Abseil Equipment and First Aid Kits.

Walk= aprox 10 minutes to Pocolane Peak

You need to bring:
Decent approach shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, a hat, sun cream, extra water and a small backpack .

R350 per person